June 1, 2006

Step 4 : Leave the house without a dummy or pacifier

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Don’t Panic ! It wont be that bad. If this fills you with dread don’t let it. Just take little steps at a time, I don’t mean go out for a whole day without the dummy, start off little but aim big!

A trip to the swing park, feeding the ducks, take them swimming, anything that will amuse your child and show them that they don’t need a dummy to have happy and good times.

Gradually you will increase the time that you are out the house without the dummy, observe your child when you are out, remember the time it took for them to ask for their dummy, or start to need it. This will help you avoid any screaming matches and those strained looks from other people.

By the way, never mind what other people think, your child is upset and they are your priority, not the disapproving look of some strangers.

Restrict dummy use to key times during the day, such as bedtime or when your child is unwell.

Reward your child with fun activities, or stickers charts, but not sweets or candy!

When you are out make sure you point out any other boys or girls who are not using a dummy, it will make them feel more grown up.
You are aiming to get your child used to large amounts of time without their dummy,

This will help when you both take the final step in ditching the dummy.

May 24, 2006

Step 3 : Alternative methods of comfort

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Step 3 : Alternative methods of comfort

Up until now your child has used their dummy or pacifier for comfort. So now they need an alternative to comfort.

Obviously we are not going to bribe them or buy them gifts, we are not swapping a dummy or pacifier for something else they will have to give up. Your child is upset and needs comfort from you.

Imagine how you feel when your upset, maybe frustrated, hurt or angry.

Try to imagine how your child feels.

Communication is an excellent way of finding out why they are upset so you can therefore remedy the situation, so ask them why they are upset, make sure you ask in a soft voice tone and have direct eye contact with them.

Touch them, its very comforting to know someone is there for you when your upset, especially when you’re a child, give them a hug, hold their hand, sit them on your knee etc, show them you care.

Distract them, we all know how to distract our child from their upset frame of mind. Maybe take them into the bathroom and run the water, children love running water, even let them put their hands or feet in it or read them their favourite story, you know what will distract them.

If all else fails and your child will only respond to the dummy or pacifier, then give them it, we haven’t got to the step where they have dumped that dummy !

May 15, 2006

Step 2 – Slowly Wean Your child off the dummy

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Step 2 : Slowly Wean Your Child off the Dummy

In order for your child to give up their dummy or pacifier, you will have to remove

the habit that has formed in their mind.

You have to get your child used to the idea of not having their dummy / pacifier and

you have to let your child see that they can cope without the dummy, in fact they will

see they can be happy without the dummy at all.

Now you are going to have the patience of a saint, there are testing times ahead but

you have to be strong for your child. As a parent you are responsible for teaching

them and guiding them to a happy and healthy life, they are totally dependant on you.

Now its up to you which way you would like to perform this step.

a) You can choose a certain time of the day, say 9am until 10am, when no matter

what happens your child wont get their dummy, you don t tell your child that this is

the case, instead if they are upset or crying you are going to use your skills to comfort

them in other ways, you know what comforts you child but don t use the dummy.

b) You could just remove the dummy whenever the child seems uninterested in using

it, ie. anytime you see the dummy / pacifier you will take it away, out of sight out of

mind they say. Often when the child sees the dummy they immediately want it, so

removing it from their eyesight is n excellent way to take their mind off it.

c) Pretend to your child that the dummy is lost. Then make a game of finding it,

obviously you wont find out, instead you will use this opportunity to distract their

attention and focus it on something else. Find a toy, book, when you are looking for

the dummy.

d) Your own way! Each and every child has different needs and behaviours.

Obviously you know what your child needs, if you think of another way then use that,

my steps only worked for my little girl and are just guidelines for you and your child.

Another good tip is never let your child have a favourite dummy now, always change

it to a new one, different colour etc, we don t want them familiar with any dummy.


Watch out for Step 3

Sally 🙂


April 7, 2006

First steps to ditching the dummy!

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STEP 1 – Involve your Child 

Remember all the times your child whined or cried, and they were given the dummy / pacifier. They were programmed to learn that when they were upset this was part of the way they were comforted.

Now we are going to kinda "de-programme" them to thinking that they don't need this any longer.  Just think if you have to give something up you love, its not fun is it????

So as a parent you will have to take several steps to achieving this goal for your child. And I will give you my tips.

By the way, feel free to post any tips you used, or give feedback in how your doing with getting rid of the dummy!

Ok, on to our first step how to prepare your child for the inevitable.

Don't just turn up one day and snatch the dummy / soother / pacifier from their mouth or hand.

The trick is to make your child feel involved every step of the way and to let them feel that it is partly their decision too!

So sit them down, make sure you are at eye level with them, and speak softyl, clearly and slowly so they understand.

Simply explain that as they are getting older, now that they are a big boy or girl, etc you know how to speak to your child so use whichever term you feel appropriate and at ease with, that its time they didn't use their dummy pacifier all the time.

Don't say never, they will be told that in later steps.

Now you may be met by screams of "no" "no" "no" or tantrums and tears but don't make an issue of it, this is a good sign that they understood you and know what lies in the future for them and their dummy. 

You will re-iterate this point to them at least once every day, no more is needed, too much pressure on your child will not help achieve their dummy free life.

There is no set time scale in your task, patience is a virtue and you will need your patience as anger never gets the right results.

Simply follow my steps and you will see results.

Look out for step 2! 

take care Sally


Hello world!

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Welcome to my blog.

I am going to help guide you in the steps to getting the dummy / pacifier / soother finally out of your childs mouth forever!

Dont let them have problems with their teeth from using these pacifiers too long.

 Take these steps to a dummy free life for your child!

Sally 🙂